IVI.TECHONLOGY (IVI) Limited is at the forefront of interactive video technology and is creating pioneering solutions which offer superior interactivity, aesthetic user engagement, data capture, smooth performance and proprietary functionality; with our Point | Click | Purchase Solution being the World’s 1st Video Embedded e-Commerce Solution.

IVI provides interactive video solutions to a wide range of industries including retail, footwear, apparel, automotive, travel, property, health and education.

We have been developing our solutions and have presented our technology to companies as diverse as Microsoft, Channel 4, Puma, UKTI, Orange, John Lewis Group, Group M and several leading designer brands and have received encouraging interest.

Our pioneering solutions, which work within Facebook, and expertise have helped to establish IVI as leading post-and-pre-production interactive video specialists.

​IVI has established itself as a developer of robust and efficient service solutions and we have built a reputation producing tailored video solutions that provide additional ways of interacting with audiences.

IVI is based in the UK and being experienced developers of user interfaces and user experiences, we make solutions to not only meet customers requirements but also make sure they are consistent with your brand experiences.

IVI services are specifically tailored for the next generation of sales and marketing, offering one stop interactive multimedia products and solutions. Commissioning an interactive video solution from us will ensure that we take care of every step of the project from concept to delivery and beyond at very cost effective prices.

Revitalising existing marketing assets is just one component of the IVI platform; however we pride ourselves on being able to produce truly bespoke interactive solutions for online sales and marketing, educational training, data analytics and more.

Our qualified personnel possess extensive skills in software development, programming, networking and interface design which have helped us develop enduring partnerships with Microsoft, Adobe and other major vendors. ​IVI solutions work on multiple hardware platforms and are developed using proprietary programming.  

Not being content with some of it’s innovations the development team at IVI is busy at work on pre-production interactive video solutions to ensure that IVI remains at the forefront of technological advances.

Your questions on video interactivity…answered simply

This is dependant on the length of the video, the number of products, the special features required, information regarding the payment gateway…etc.
For urgent productions we assign extra resources and complete your work requirements on a high priority basis
As little or as much as your requirements; suffice to say we are very competitive
Any standard format of your choice, the higher the quality of the video the better the final production
We can host the video on our dedicated servers or it can be hosted on the server of the customers choice; providing this meets the security and resilience levels required.
We have devoted vast amounts of funding resources to this innovative video technology
Just call us or contact us via email and we will be glad to provide you a complete demonstration.
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