Innovational Video Interactivity

Interactive Video is the next major development in online sales and marketing.

IVI.TECHNOLOGY Limited has embraced this progression and have created a range of unique innovative solutions which allow you to add interactivity to your new and existing marketing videos.

Our interactive solutions invite you to interact with the video rather than force you to watch annoying pop up adverts and with our solutions you can explore all product details within the video, no time wasting external website links.
Our flagship solution, Point | Click | Purchase, is The World’s 1st Video Embedded e-Commerce Solution and this solution allows the viewer to instantly purchase products directly from within the video.

Brands stay at the forefront of innovative marketing with our unique solutions from IVI, these will allow you to engage your viewers for longer, enhance their online experience and facilitate ‘in-video’ purchasing creating a new and much needed revenue stream.

"Most advanced solution of its type I have seen. 1 Click mobile in video"
Jogesh Limbani
Head of Open Innovation / Orange plc
"Very beautiful interface, great sales and marketing solution."
Abdulmohsen S Algosaibi
Business Development Manager / Bahrain EDB
"Excellent video hot spotting solution"
Starcoms MediaVest
Part of Publicis Group
"Simple to use and intuitive"
Luke Kingsnorth
Manager, Online Marketing / John Lewis
"Excellent piece of software technology, very slick interface"
David Pugh Jones
Global Creative Strategy-Director / Microsoft
"In the next 10 years I'll be sitting in front of the Multi Media Screen at my house watching golf, my favourite sport, and I'll be seeing Tiger Woods. He'll make a putt, I'll point at the TV screen with my remote, track the ball, click the remote and buy it."
Steve Ballmer
Former CEO / Microsoft